XML Character Prefab Maker


A action intensive game sometimes contains thousands of animations and hundreds of characters,resulting in animators must creating and maintaining numerous character prefab assets.It is very easy to make mistakes doing this tedious job and time consuming.This semi-automatic tool can create and manage character prefabs via XML data.Basically,tt makes prefabs from fbx files,animation clips and well as other assets.



1.If there is an old prefab for this fbx,you can click "LoadFromPrefab" button.This tool will make the prefab again on the basis of the old prefab's structure.

2.If there is XML data for this fbx,user can choose "LoadFromXML".

3.When making a brand new prefab,user can drag and drop animation clips from project browser into the tool panel to make a list and then save to XML if needed.

4.XML files can be modified by hand or with the tool.


5.Some prefabs share the same fbx,if so,when this fbx changes and prefabs must be recreated,"Make Relevant Prefabs" button will let the tool find out and recreate all of them.

The basic workflow of making prefabs and extracting animation clips in this tool are based on a tool by Mio.

Technical Artist Sen Wu

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