Unity Toon Shader

Written in Cg,this shader uses vertex function and surface function at the same time.I name it "toony_rim_specmap_outline.shader",which is an unlit shader as the light direction is controlled by an input vector.The aethetic style is inspired by manga and Disney cartoon.


The shades of texture and speculars on the model are controlled by a vector3 vairable.The dark stroke can change the color and width.The head,the hair,the body utilize the same shader.



The material parameters in Unity Inspector are as below:

1.Color:It will be multiplied globally with the diffuse texture.

2.Dark Color:It gives a sense of gradient change from top of hair to the lower tip.

3.Diffuse Alpha:Use black and white texture to limit the hightlight area.

4.Diffuse Ramp:It limits the levels of shades,cooperating with the regular diffuse lighting calculation.

5.LightDirX,LightDirY and LightDirZ:A vector that defines the light direction used in shader's light related calculation.

6.Outline Width:An relative value.The actual "width of outline" displayed on screen varies by camera distance.

Most of the rest of the parameters are self-explanatory.

As to the assets used to demonstrate this shader,I modeled and textured the hair,textured the head,while the models and textures under her neck adopted an online source.

Technical Artist Sen Wu

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